Regular Workshops

All our workshops are non-profit and created or co-created by our members. Apart from the recurring workshops listed here there's also a whole range of other events taking place. Check the Calendar to find out what's happening week by week. 


Monday Oxytocin Massage

Join every Monday for three hours of massage exchange in a very cosy environment. Bring a towel, massage oil and some fruits to share.


Songs for the Soul

You are invited to come and connect with this ancient soul language, the language of song, through singing we can connect with each other and tap into the parts of the psyche that are not for the everyday or mundane, that are reserved for times when we quiet the mind and open the hear.
No singing experience is required and you do not need to be able to read music.


Movement-based workshop

Welcome on Mondays to the Node to movement-based workshops, weekly sessions of physical exercises and group workout.
Each week various practices will be introduced and explored, blending anything from acrobatics, calisthenics, dancing, gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, partner acrobatics, parkour and alike, followed by a workout training.
No previous experience is required.


Free flow

Free Flow is our largest weekly recurring event and takes place every Thursday evening. It's basically a small and sober rave where you are encouraged to express yourself freely through movement in a free and non-judgmental space. Every time features a new DJ and the music played can vary greatly from time to time. 


Rhythms and Drums

This workshop is developed for practicing skills that can be very useful when playing and composing with a wide variety of metres and rhythms in any given musical style. Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner, a professional musician or anything in between, this workshop is suited for all technical levels and will challenge you according to your level.


Your workshop?

Do you have knowledge or a skill that you would like to share with the world? Stop procrastinating and let us know!


Co-creative yoga

Let’s co-create the experimental and the classic / the wilder and the subtle / the wise and the crazy

Co-creative yoga is a safe space for us to explore what yoga can be. Previously, along with various types of yoga, the workshops time to time consisted combinations of breath-works, chi gong, forest dance



Tuesday evenings is the time to come to the Node if you wish to learn different African dances (mainly Mozambican ones) under the skilled guidance of Lisa and Celso (among others). Live drums!



You are invited to come to Noden and have 10 minutes on a stage. But it won't be just any stage. We will create a space that is non-judgemental and respectful, where acts are bathed in unconditional love and support before they have even begun to perform. Where if you have something to show us, we will watch. If you have something to say, play, sing, shout or whisper, we will listen.