The story of The Syntheist Node began, like most sagas these days, once upon a time in a Facebook group. After two years of countless online discussions and offline rituals and meetings between 2012-2014 there was a general desire to take the virtual Syntheist movement to the next phase. The first natural step was the writing of a book to compile, concentrate and refine the thoughts and insights gained from the open online discussions. This complex philosophical work, called "Syntheism - Creating God in the Internet Age" - was written by Alexander Bard and Jan Söderqvist and became published in late 2014. The theoretical framework had thus been established. The next step was to create a permanent physical place founded on the same beliefs. 

       Click on the cover above to read the book.

       Click on the cover above to read the book.


Noden, late 2015.

The embryo of our future living room after having teared down 9 office rooms worth of walls and roofing. Zero budget, plenty of sweat and willpower.

Hampus and Alexander, two friends and Syntheism founders, had in early 2014 decided to go for it and attempt to answer the following question:

"What if there was a place in Stockholm, like a secular church or a congregation home, where people could meet to build relationships and exchange ideas and knowledge with one another? A place where people could rediscover or reinvent themselves with a family they’ve chosen - in a community they were part of creating."

After more than a year of searching but not finding a location that would fit these particular needs at a sustainable cost the community's hope was running low. Many had given up on the idea of a Syntheist home away from home but the two friends led by Hampus remained determined to push on. That determination eventually led them to the building and the space we share today, and the start of a community-creating demolition and rebuilding process that is still underway, three years later. A lease contract was signed in the summer of 2015. The two friends quickly grew to a circle of four, who then became eight, and on it went. Key members like Fanny Karlsson and Joannis Magnuson joined in. Walls started coming down. More often than not at the hands of Joannis as seen in the video below.


The community solidified and grew around the hard physical labor and the first regular workshops and events being held. Early 2016 would see the birth of the cultural association called Synteistiska kulturföreningen, which is the legal entity responsible for the Node and its daily operations. 2018 board members:

  • Hampus Lindblad (chair)
  • Hugi Ásgeirsson (vice chair and treasurer)
  • Cindy Larsen
  • Daniel Brooks
  • Christian Ubbesen
  • Sumbu Temo
  • Joannis Magnuson
  • Karolina Nordh
  • Samuel Engwall
  • Michele Dorigatti
  • Otto Lundberg

The organization's membership is divided up in two categories, active and passive members, with the definition of an active member being one that donates at least 100 kr per month towards the Node's continued existence. Passive members are those that pay the yearly membership fee of 100 kr, which is the minimum requirement for any recurring visitor that attends workshops and the like. Active members are entitled to certain perks such as always getting in for free or at a significant discount at all events organized by the association. 

We currently have approximately 158 active members donating monthly and roughly another 200 passive members. These figures represent a great start but will not be enough if we are to survive the transition in 2019 to a more market-based rent level. So please do press the button below and become an active member today if you wish to see the Node continuing to thrive!

Community members are invited to participate in the governance of the association through attending the annual general meeting which takes place before the end of March every year. Anyone is also welcome to participate at the Nodting events that takes place a couple of times per year and make their voices heard there. Beyond this it is of course also very possible (and encouraged!) to take initiatives and shoulder responsibility for what happens in the association by active participation, preferably at the Node itself but also on our different online forum such as our Facebook group and Loomio platform


The future is uncertain and exciting! As it seems now we will have to leave our current home sometime during the first half of 2019 as the building is being demolished and we are therefore currently looking into possible alternatives while saving up money to finance the transition. Do you have any ideas or suggestion as to where we could go next? Don't hesitate to let us know.