In the absence of a God we are simply left with no alternative but to shoulder the responsibility of creating meaning ourselves. In doing so we are limited only by our collective intelligence and imagination rather than by holy scriptures and commandments from burning bushes and other's ancient trip stories. And maybe we can learn to regard that as a liberating cause for celebration rather than something to mourn as if the death of a loved one? What if the world might not necessarily be quite as disenchanted as we've come to see it?

The mystery of how there's ultimately something rather than nothing remains.
An enigma of consciousness is still staring back at us whenever we stop to look into a mirror or into the eyes of a fellow sentient being. The more we learn about life, nature and the universe the more we realize that we do not know, and horizon of knowledge forever remain in the distance no matter how quickly we rush towards it. 

There's plenty of divine fish left to discover in the infinite cosmic seas of our inner and outer universes. We can joyfully return Jehova, Isis, Shiva, Aphrodite and Allah to the imaginarium from where we once caught them, gratefully acknowledging how they have served us but equally conscious of how they are no longer sufficient to fulfill our new needs and indeed often rather lead us astray.

Interview in Swedish with an atheist priest and Node community member Hugi Ásgeirsson.

Syntheism is what we've chosen to name history's first ever openly invented and co-created religion. A profoundly relationalist and process philosophical system of worship where our shared belief is simply that relationships are primary--and simultaneously so from the very fundamental sub-atomical physical levels and all the way up to the human realms of our everyday lives.

One possible analogy is to look at it as the open source movement from the world of software development but applied to the area of practiced religion. There is no hidden and proprietary source code (Holy Bible or Quran) to adhere to and everything is co-created and community driven. The continuous outcome for life on this little blue planet is emergent, unknown and up to the people actively involved to bring into reality. The central mystery is existence in itself and our experiences within it. Both actual and potential. We create God and meaning, not the other way around... The future is open and undetermined, and that is a cause for celebration!

This take on Syntheism was written by syntheist Hampus Lindblad. Now what's your take on all this? Join our Facebook group or our mailing list (recommended) to participate in the on-going discussion and evolution of this philosophy and worldview.

Interview in Swedish, filmed in the early days of the Node. Featuring Noden and Syntheism founders Alexander Bard and Hampus Lindblad.