The Space


The total floor area covers approximately 600 m2 and occupies the entire third floor of the annex brick building that is Sickla industriväg 6B. Our entrance is however through the much larger main building at 6A where you confusingly enough find our door on level 4 (2 floors up from the lobby).

The Syntheist Node is a no shoes zone and we therefore ask everyone to remove their shoes upon entry (there are white shelves by the entrance for this purpose). We also have a wardrobe found at the end of the initial corridor after the shoe shelves.

There are three ordinary toilets and a shower available.

15304531_348988182134361_8845673887037050143_o (1).jpg

living Room

The Living Room is the largest room of the Node, and the heart if you will. It's the first room you enter once having taking off your shoes in the hallway. It's an open space of around 120 m2 and features a grand piano, several groups of sofas and a physical workshop area with chessboard budo mats. 

It is used for our largest seminars, film screenings and concerts as well as several recurring workshops


techno temple

The windowless Techno Temple is the second largest room after the Living Room at approx. 90 m2 and is our dedicated dance floor and physical workshop space.

It features a massive sound system, ceiling hung programmable lights, a smoke machine and is completely covered by soft budo mats (20 mm thickness). It's ideal for things like yoga, martial arts, meditation sessions and of course dancing (bare feet). When there's a party a dedicated DJ booth opens up from an adjacent room. 



The kitchen is a great yet still somewhat underutilized space.

It has two refrigerators, double stoves with ovens and plenty of surfaces for preparing food in large quantities.



A place for quiet reading, conversation and meetings.

Equipped with a portable whiteboard and a printer. A projector is also available for use on request.



We're very proud of our little cinema, with its red walls and pillows and the golden ceiling. It features a HD projector and enough bed and sofa space to fit 10-15 people. 

Under it all is a little cave featuring a fiberoptical light installation. Check it out!


The Lounge 

A place to chill somewhere off in a corner, mainly in use during parties and other large events. Green is the theme and it features a very real little bonsai tree.


Another sadly under-utilized room. It's up for refurbishing if someone has a good enough idea and plan...

Former Tactile Refuge

This little room used to house a really cool interactive art installation by Malin Bobeck Tadaa (seen above). It later went on to Paris leaving an empty room behind. What comes next? A sensory deprivation tank? Who knows. 



No trespassing.

Actually this is just a storage room full of random crap, but we're working on turning it into something more useful. Maybe a light therapy room...

Any other suggestions?


Please just stay away unless you know what you're doing and have asked permission first. Goddamn hippies... 


Storage room

For workshop organizers.

Storage room

Where regular events and workshops can store their things safely locked away between when not in use.


The latest project. This room will be turned into a music studio and an awesome jam room!

Access will be individually granted and for active members only due to security concerns that have unfortunately proven to be very real given the thefts we suffered in 2017.

E-mail hello(at) if you want to get involved or use the contact form found on this site.