The Space


Blivande is 900 m2 large house, spread out over two floors, with the ground floor being much larger than the second one. The Node on this bottom floor and has 400 m2 of the most beautiful rooms in the building. This would include two large spaces for workshops and dancing with individual entrances, a great kitchen, a fireplace, a bathroom with shower and two separate toilets (one being a handicap one) alongside a number of smaller rooms.

The kitchen is shared with Tau and the trash needs to be disposed as shown bellow.

First floor of House Blivande

First floor of House Blivande


The rooms belong to The Node from 18:00 on weekdays and every other weekend. At other times, the same rooms are used by Blivande AB for events and conferences. This arrangement means that the rent will be at a level that the association can afford, while Blivande AB can use the rooms at times when the Node is not actively used by the community. Blivande and Noden swap times or rent from each other when necessary.

The Syntheist Node is a no shoes zone and we therefore ask everyone to remove their shoes upon entry (there are white shelves by the entrance for this purpose). We also have a wardrobe room at the entrance to leave jackets behind to not crowed the space.


The Church

The Church is the lightest room of the Node. It's the left room when you enter from the Middle Earth a physical workshop area with chessboard budo mats. 
It is used for several recurring workshops like the Drumming Circle and the Safe Stage. Right now it features the former library.


techno temple

The Techno Temple is the largest room on the right after entering Middle Earth. It is our dedicated dance floor and physical workshop space.
It features a sound system and is ideal for things like yoga, martial arts, meditation sessions and of course dancing (bare feet).


Middle Earth 

A place in-between the two workshop rooms, a place to sit and talk, to take a rest and be. Connecting the Node with Studio Tau, the shared kitchen, two toilets and the garderobe.

A future place for more encounters, art and collaboration.


The Kitchen

A Kitchen with two fridges, two dish washers and general Kitchen equipment.

Shared space with studio Tau. Probably going to be expanded in the future.



No trespassing. Really.


Please just stay away unless you know what you're doing and have asked permission first. Goddamn hippies...