The Syntheist Node, the Node or simply Noden in Swedish is a radical experiment in community building. We started from scratch in late 2015 - with nothing but 600 m2 of abandoned office spaces and the post-atheist vision of Syntheism - and have since then become a techno temple, a burner playground and a year around place for a wide variety of co-created and non-profit workshops and events. Amongst countless other things, real or imagined. What unites the activities taking place is that they are all created with the intention of bringing people together, ideally contributing towards reinforcing a sense of purpose and meaning in our everyday lives. This year, after having to move from the first residence, we managed to “grow up” and find a permanent place under the roof of Blivande in Frihamnen.

Hundreds of people come through our doors every week to visit this "home away from home" and we believe that we have, more often than not, succeeded in our mission of creating a liminal third space. By that we mean a transitional - and hopefully transformational - threshold or "twilight zone" in between the public and the private realm.

A place where you are not quite home yet also not quite in a club or at a cafe. You are rather somewhere inbetwixt and between where wondrous things can and frequently do happen. Where things are open to change, and perhaps so are you. To some that can take for instance the form of a cuddle puddle, and to others a drumming workshop, a safe open stage or a rave in complete darkness. But only if you and others actively choose to make it so by taking and sharing the necessary responsibility.

It genuinely becomes what we make of it. If there is no absolute and higher meaning then we are free to co-create it among ourselves. We create God, not the other way around. And that's something to celebrate and explore!

This - in a nutshell - is The Syntheist Node.


And the XKCD comic above says it better; affirmative nihilism.

And the XKCD comic above says it better; affirmative nihilism.